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Every city has interesting places to visit (touristic spots), and concrete actions are taken in order to attract visitors to those specific points of interest. It is very useful to know if the people that visit those places later go to entertainment and commercial zones, and subsequently obtain information as to how and when they do it. In addition to measuring these flows, the City can contact the visitor or citizen at the appropriate time and place providing them with useful information concerning the locality, letting them know of any present or upcoming events, and ultimately having a direct contact with those who are visiting or planning to visit the City.


Public Services

The aim of public services (public buildings, hospitals, transportation, etc) is to offer citizens faster and more efficient solutions in a direct and polite way. Seeketing offers solutions focused on this sector which allow institutions to monitor all doors, hot spots, entry/exit zones, queue times or average time of stay. Seeketing can further communicate pertinent information in real time to visitors and clients: opening and closing times, queue times, temporary delays, service window availability, etc.




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Seeketing is a company dedicated to mobile, offline and online marketing. We provide innovative technologies to analyze client flow within selling points, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and IGRP Nodes.



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