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Seeketing first pure phygital technology

Written by dcaldera.

Phygital concept (acronym of Physical + digital) specifically refers to the identification of the presence of the same person both in the physical world and in the digital world, it does not refer not only to a simple combination of elements or data of the physical world (obtained from many people) and digital (obtained from many other people), but refers to the fact that we are the same person who has a presence in the physical world and in the digital world, and therefore our behavior in the physical world and in the digital world are not two separate entities but rather are part of the same reality, which must be able to be treated jointly and must be analyzed person to person, and there must be the ability to Identification of the presence of each person in both worlds.

In the nineteenth century there was only physical life for people, at the end of the twentieth century the digital (or better called online) world arose, based on the connectivity between machines through networks and protocols such as html, www, etc. .., and since then we start talking about digital or online life, or digital behavior of people. However in this past century still the physical and digital life of each person is separated, and nobody analyzes what each person does in their physical life and in their digital life, considering that it was not possible to identify the presence of the same person in both worlds. At the beginning of the XXI century people adopted massively mobile online communication machines, such as smartphones or smartwatches. The smartphones represent the union of the physical and digital world, since it allows us to access the digital world anywhere and at any moment, since we take them with us all day and everywhere. 

It is not until the appearance of technologies like in 2011, that we can not speak about a true phygital world. Since previously, the activity or behavior in the digital world had been analyzed separately, through for example web page analysis tools Google Analytics or apps such as Flurry and through cameras or other presence sensors or counting people, to analyze the behavior in the physical world. Seeketing unique identifiers represent the first technology based on hardware that is placed in the physical world for the detection of personal mobile phones in the physical world, and the detection of the use of web pages or mobile applications that incorporate the Seeketing functionality through an embedded SDK or library, you can know that the same person is present in a physical area (thanks to the fact that we always carry our smartphone with us, we could almost say that we have stuck a digital chip to our physical body ), is the same person who, through his smartphone, is browsing certain web pages, or mobile applications.

Use case

An example or case of use referred to the environment of marketing and physical commerce, is when for example a girl uses her smartphone to review the products of an online fashion store while she waits for the bus, but finally she does not buy these products in the online store. After several days that person goes to a physical area or commercial, and when she passing by the physical store receives a message via whatsapp or SMS on her smartphone with a content like "''the item you are interested in we have 5 different colors and now the dress room number 3 and 8 are empty, do you like to enter and buy it?''". The possibility opens up to a new phygital marketing, where being able to know the tastes or interests through web browsing or use of a person's apps is combined with the physical presence of that person near the store, and with the status of occupation of the physical store itself (tails in box or testers), being able to trigger a message or initial a digital communication (push whatsapp or sms) depending on the physical presence. 

Case of use Seeketing

Written by dcaldera.

The real usage cases of our phygital technology are very varied:

- Airports and infrastructures
- Retail and Ecommerce. Cross-shopping
- Malls
- Transportation systems
- Cross-shopping
- Security


ADIF and Seeketing present first indoor behavior analysis project of a train station

Written by dcaldera.

Seeketing participates and sponsors NextStation 2017 congress, with the claim Smart Stations in Smart Cities.

During the exhibition at International NextSatation Conference on Railway Stations, ADIF and Seeketing presents the results of project of Analysis of persons traffic and flows at the Puerta de Atocha train station, a new project of behavior analysis of passengers in the bigger train station in Spain.





Seeketing is a R&D company dedicated to provide phygital tools and services (smart-cities, retail, mobility, security, events, ...). We provide innovative technologies to know visitor flows within locations and point of interest, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and Hardware Nodes.



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