iBeacons for retailers

Written by Seeketing.

Beacons or iBeacons as we mentioned in the last article, are small devices, which emit short range signal via Bluetooth. It is a technology on which there is a lack of knowledge in the retail area, even being potentially attractive in this area.
What retailers really want, is to impact to the higher number of visitors or potential clients and enhance their shopping experience. At the same time, retailers try to understand the consumer behaviour in the store to best meet their needs.

Beacons or iBeacons don't offer what retailers really want. Beacons could impact or get behaviour of less than 2% of the visitors in the store.

Although at first, there appears to be no differences between iBeacon technology and Seeketing Nodes, there is a huge barrier to use iBeacon in the store that Seeketing Nodes have successfully overcome.

Seeketing Nodes allow you to analyze the customers' behaviour over 85% of the visitors, enhancing their shopping experience and offering the possibility to send information through the mobile, even if they don't have an App installed.