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100 Most popular shops conversion analyzed

Written by dcaldera.

Comparing footfall data with smartphone detections we can know how many people who pass by or stands in front of each window shop finally decide to go into.

Because it has been checked a strong relationship between Seeketing data and sales, combining Seeketing Sensors and Nodes is the way to obtain a better understanding of  activity and sales trends by sector (beauty, fashion, electronics, cinemas and restoration, ...) by this way Seeketing is analyzing performance ratios of most popular shops brands.

Combining Sensors and Seeketing Nodes we can know how many people is passing in front of each shop and how many people finally enter into the shop.



Wifi-tracking, what is it for?

Written by dcaldera.


efecto ropo seeketing

This is an article for those who already know the limitations of bluetooth beacon technology in a real environment such as retail (implementations never go out of the demo / pilot phase), and for those who already know that there are behavior analysis systems based on wireless tracking, which do works in real environments, and increasingly retailers use them.

But for why we use in-store behavior data through Wi-tracking systems?

Seeketing to reveal their marketing intelligence solution for physical locations at Shanghai World Mobile Congress

Written by dcaldera.

logo WMCShanghai

Seeketing will present their suite of in-store marketing analytics at MWC Shanghai, to be held July 15-17 in Shanghai at the Mobile World Capital, stand W4.E20. Prospective clients and partners can get to know the capabilities of these new digital tools for the retail market. 

Real Estate Management companies such as Cushman & Wakefield and Gentalia already count on Seeketing solutions for retail marketing. Seeketing solutions, based on mobile technology, provide analytics and segmentation on the behavior of visitors and include App-enabled tools for communicating with those visitors in-store, making this a powerful tool for optimizing commercial promotion.


Seeketing is a R&D company dedicated to provide phygital tools and services (smart-cities, retail, mobility, security, events, ...). We provide innovative technologies to know visitor flows within locations and point of interest, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and Hardware Nodes.



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