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Wifi-tracking, what is it for?

Written by dcaldera.


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This is an article for those who already know the limitations of bluetooth beacon technology in a real environment such as retail (implementations never go out of the demo / pilot phase), and for those who already know that there are behavior analysis systems based on wireless tracking, which do works in real environments, and increasingly retailers use them.

But for why we use in-store behavior data through Wi-tracking systems?

Seeketing to reveal their marketing intelligence solution for physical locations at Shanghai World Mobile Congress

Written by dcaldera.

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Seeketing will present their suite of in-store marketing analytics at MWC Shanghai, to be held July 15-17 in Shanghai at the Mobile World Capital, stand W4.E20. Prospective clients and partners can get to know the capabilities of these new digital tools for the retail market. 

Real Estate Management companies such as Cushman & Wakefield and Gentalia already count on Seeketing solutions for retail marketing. Seeketing solutions, based on mobile technology, provide analytics and segmentation on the behavior of visitors and include App-enabled tools for communicating with those visitors in-store, making this a powerful tool for optimizing commercial promotion.

Smartcity Manzanares El Real

Written by dcaldera.

Seeketing´s technology implants in Manzanares el Real, first tourist town in the Community of Madrid to use the Seeketing Nodes which allows the measurement and analysis of the tourism and population flows in this place.

Through these Nodes, more advanced than any other device known until now (iBeacons, etc. ) there are going to be measured and analyzed the touristic flows between three different places : the Town Hall Square, Mendoza´s Castle and the entrance to the Pedriza Regional Park.

This will allow the Tourist area from the Town Hall to have a very useful information to analyze how and when the tourism visit Manzanares el Real and if the actions to attract visitors to this town are effective and provides benefits to the shopkeepers and the restaurateurs.

Seeketing´s technology is being used in a large number of malls in Spain and all around the world, Barcelona´s and Madrid´s airports and retail stores among others.



La technologie Seeketing implantée à Manzanares el Real, première municipalité touristique dans la Communauté de Madrid en  utiliser nœuds Seeketing pour mesurer et analyser les flux touristiques et les habitants de cette ville de montagne.

Grâce à des nœuds, technologiquement plus avancé que tout autre dispositif connu jusqu'à présent (iBeacons, etc.) sont placées pour mesurer et analyser les flux touristiques entre les trois points de cette municipalité: Place de la Mairie, Château de la Mendoza et l'entrée parc régional Pedriza.

Cela pourrait permettre au ministère du Tourisme de disposer  des informations utiles pour analyser comment et quand le tourisme visite  Manzanares el Real et si les actions d'attirer les visiteurs de la municipalité sont eficaces pour  apporter des avantages aux commerçants et aux hôteliers.

La technologie Seeketing, est actuellement utilisé dans de nombreux centres commerciaux en Espagne et à l'étranger, comme l'aéroport de Barajas et El Prat et les chaînes de vente au détail, entre autres.




Seeketing is a company dedicated to mobile, offline and online marketing. We provide innovative technologies to analyze client flow within selling points, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and IGRP Nodes.



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