Smart Cities & Mobility



Managers and Planners experience recurring inefficiencies resulting from the disconnect between people’s use of digital technologies and their physical world behaviour.

Seeketing is a unique technology that provides individual Phygital Identifiers, person by person (aggregated and anonymous).

Problems such as Point of Origin and Destination of trafficOn-Demand servicesAssisting users based on their geopositionDriving traffic to a point of destination etc., are typical scenarios where Seeketing can help.


Urban & Mobility Planning

Traffic data on points of origin and destination

Seeketing allows traffic flow measurements between urban points. These metrics assist in the planning of public infrastructure  investments (transportation, municipal allocations, etc.).

 origin destination scheme


Data provided:

  • People movement patterns segmented by Urban Area, Recurrency, Frequency, Time, etc...
  • Traffic Flow Volumes
  • Dwell Times
  • Differentiated data from pedestrians vs. travellers (car, bicycle, public transport) 


Mobility Analytics & Demand Modeling

Phygital network for intermodal mobility analytics and On-Demand services

mobility data

Seeketing Nodes allows the generation of comprehensive and accurate anonymous spatial data sets that capture the behavioural patterns of travellers across a variety of transportation modes. The data captured can include, but is not limited to, area data within transport hubs and stations, trip based origin to destination and trip chain multipoint data sets along transport routes.

Data provided:

  • Pedestrians vs. Travellers (car, bicycle, bus) data
  • Car counting data
  • Origin - Destination by type of transport (bus, car, bicycle, train, metro)
  • Mobility users profiles by transport patterns and digital behaviour (web, App)


Transport Network Planning

Analysis of Traveller Capacity, Origin and Destination

transport pic2

Measuring the success of lines: Which lines contribute most to transport network success and to what extent? Relevant indicators can be clearly deduced from Seeketing data.

Transport supply planning and optimum capacity utilization: Through auto-generated and other data sources, Seeketing can predict behavior and adapt recommended supply to demand.


Traffic analytics

  • Number of unique travelers by station and line
  • Traveler Origin and Destination
  • Frequency and Itinerary
  • Waiting times on Platforms
  • New vs. Frequent Travelers
  • Social distance compliance
  • Access control of Travelers and Staff
  • Crowd detection and alerts


  •  Real-time alerts for different managers (Agglomerations, Dwell times above thresholds)
  •  "Suspects“ phones
  •  Monitoring of assistance to people with reduced mobility
  •  Integration with the screens and loudspeakers systems, and real-time alerts depending on passenger profiles, passenger volume


  • Matrix of traveller’s origin and destination 
  • Intensities per section and direction
  • Times between stops per direction
  • Demand by trip, time and destination
  • Incident Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting



Security is a critical aspect to be managed in your installations. Our technology is complementary with other security systems such as cameras or detection bars, offering other types of data related to visits, average time of stay, and flow between zones.