Asset tracking and security




Locate, Track and Monitor
 people and assets in the real world


We enable businesses to make their mobile apps and their venues location aware. We deliver accurate positioning everywhere


  • Personnel safety & Security

Our line of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Location Cards and detection devices bring real-time location to life. Viewable in map or list views, these cards are tracked and displayed by our WeObserve™ software platform.


    • Seeketing Location Cards are an active Wifi & Bluetooth tag built for location applications. It is a location badge that goes beyond access control to deliver constant building-wide location of employees, visitors and assets, with an accuracy of ± 2 meters. 
    • The  Seeketing Location Cards along with the Seeketing cloud-base platform deliver enterprise-wide location-aware applications for business process management, safety procedures, control and security.
    • Location cards emitters can be very small and to be included in badgets, silicon brazalets, …
    • Location Cards consist of a radio transmitter, processor, sensors and rechargeable battery pack housed in a durable ABS enclosure. 
    • Cards can be attached to objects or be carried by people so that their movements can be followed. 
    • The tag's radio transmits using the (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) protocol. 
    • Each Card or smartphone are identified by its unique Seeketing Identifier