Phygital Interaction

Phygital Interaction© is designed to integrate the consumer's physical behavior with the usage of mobile devices through webs/apps. This is a unique cross-media (offline+online+mobile) solution which permits advertising via online and mobile campaigns, also measuring the campaign's effectiveness and conversion at the point of sale (offline).

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Key features

Digital-physical purchase cycle

Tracking of visitors across both online and offline channels to better understand the full visit and purchase conversion funnel.

Digital-physical profiles

Seeketing enables informed categorization of customer segments by correlating visits patterns (offline) with online channel activity (app, social media, web).

Conversion funnels

ROI of campaigns full traceability and detailed reportings sorted by profiles, dates, etc.

Proximity Automated Marketing

Program campaigns by profiles using a combination of geolocation and detection at point of sale. Send push notifications to the users who have the APP installed. Send SMS/Whatsapp messages and even WEB notifications to those users that are detected and don’t have an APP installed.

It also allows you to change dynamically screen content based on the profile of near visitors.

Content management

Create beautiful marketing notifications with an easy to use UE.


Integrate our API in your website, landings and other publicity pages to know the behavior in the mobile web. Impact your users with a mobile message when they visit your website, according to their behavior profile, at the physical point of sale, etc. Available for HTML5.

Customer registration

We reach 100% of users via simple registration at the location.

Online campaign's effectiveness

Knowing the impact of Pay-Per-Click Advertising and social Media at bringing customers to the store.

Channel integration and CRM

Rich customer-data integration (such as from CRM, in-store mobile use and online browsing behavior) enables superior personalization.

Qualitative customer data

App and email as channels to obtain personal info (surveys, App use analytics, etc...).

Digital loyalty cards

Loyalty programs integrated and optimized through the immediacy offered by Apps.

Mobile SDK

Integrate our SDK into your APP and your users will be astonished when they receive the appropriate information at the right time and place. Available for IOS and Android.

Request information to integrate Seeketing with your current technologies, sharing a unique ID between all of them:
  • Web APP (HTML5)
  • IOS APP (iPhone & iPad)
  • Android APP
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Wifi
  • Web
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Networks
  • Digital Signage / Screens
  • Database
  • Datalake
  • Marketing automator
  • SMS/emailing automator
  • Dashboard and BI tools

Minimum effort for integration required, thanks to our net of partners and wide variety of webservices provided.