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Capacity RT


Seeketing offers a real-time capacity monitoring system applicable to any open or closed area, so managers / security personnel can receive programmable alerts when capacity is exceeded (for example, greater than 40% and 50 %). Optionally, they can be displayed on screens at the entrance of the store so that the visitors can have the peace of mind of knowing that the security conditions are being met. It can also be integrated with the web, App, messaging, and other options. 



The managers can access a real-time dashboard that updates the capacity data every 1 minute or 3 minutes. The physical area can be divided into several zones and for each zone its capacity is monitored.




SMS / Email alerts can be programmed for managers or security personnel to receive them when any capacity level is exceeded in any area.




This information is also available through API-Webservices-FullRest to be displayed on digital screens or on the Web / APP.







The radio frequency detection of the Seeketing Nodes can be combined with the detection of Door Steps (Step counters) allowing to distinguish inputs and outputs in each of the entrances. The optical-laser sensors for traffic counting are usually placed from zenith form, doing real-time computation of inputs and outputs, and also offering GPRD-compatible count data, since video cameras are not used.




Optical-laser sensors use cases




The sensors are used to track the traffic of stores or accesses to the Mall.



In addition to accesses tracking, they can be used to track traffic in fitting rooms, traffic in front of furniture, approximate time spent in front of cashiers, product corners, etc.





In metro and train vehicles, sensors track the entrances and exits through the different doors, and a central Seeketing node can simultaneously detect the mobiles in the vehicle, to know the capacity of each vehicle, origin and destination of passengers, improve the charging snake, etc.