Identify and monitor your visitors

Seeketing provides you answers on customer behavior and profile, allowing you to attract more customers to your locations and facilities and to personalize your service and promotions.

Hotels, theme parks, restaurants, etc. need to know their visitors' itineraries and to monitor service satisfaction. Our tools let you communicate and interact with your clients through apps.


Some of the default indicators our solution include are:

  • Number of visitors who enter the store.
  • Number of new visitors versus repeat visitors
  • Average time visitors spend inside the store
  • Traffic flow between zones
  • Information on visitors' use of mobile devices

Communicate with your visitors and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Until now, it was not possible to know how many customers who visited physical installations had previously received online advertisements. Our cross-media technology permits you to match web and mobile behaviour, getting an overall vision of  customer's profile. Using more precise and coherent information, Seeketing lets you attract the attention of customers entering your installations by sending notifications with a high level of personalization to their mobile devices.


Measure the ROI of your promotional offline marketing


Quantify the loyalty of your customer base


Calculate the Lifetime Value