Phygital Retail-Brands


Currently, the physical channel is blind when trying to understand what is really going on during the customer visit. The key to better understanding online-offline shopping journeys requieres to identify the behaviour of customers in the store deeper:

    • Analyse the percentage of people who pass in front of the shop window and the percentage who enter the store
    • Link cash receipt with each customer automatically, by detecting their presence in front of the cash
    • To know average visit dwell times customer by customer
    • The store journeys  (linears/shelves/areas of the store /cashes) customer by customer
    • Visiting frequencies of each customer


And cross this physical data with the analysis of the behaviour of those same customers in the Web/Ecommerce and App channel, in a combined way.

Seeketing has tools based on mobile technology  to analyse the behaviour and recurrence of each customer (unique users, not like a step counter) in each visit to the stores, both physical and online.

Now we can understand, automate and enhance the complete purchase conversion cycle in physical and digital connected stores, achieving an increase in frequency and average ticket, especially in loyal customers.



Retailers and brands must combine various digital components and approaches if they want to provide the best phygital experience to their customers. Seeketing solution helps them perform this activity automatically.


phygital solution scheme


ico loyalty


Greater customization generate higher conversions and retention rates as well as improved buyer satisfaction. In e-commerce this has been demonstrated by creating personalised experiences in a systematic way.

  • Activate purchases (on both channels, online-ecommerce and physical store)
  • Motivating buyers to move forward through the buying cycle
  • Increasing the shopping experience
  • Increasing loyalty


Seeketing solves the poor performance of loyalty and lead acquisition programs


The low ratios of digital solutions are due to lack of data on the customer’s behaviour patterns. The communication becomes spam, without relevance to the user.

Seeketing provides a unique ID on physical visit per customer, which will allow to measure the performance of digital marketing and, in addition, to be able to send relevant messages to the user’s phone according to their purchase pattern. This is the right way to increasing sales and visits.


Traditional conversion rates vs. Seeketing rates

ratios conversion



We analyse the source of customer traffic

With a high degree of confidence we explain the origin of visits to stores obtaining the effectiveness of the actions of engagement and loyalty: 

    • 1. Which campaign (either online or offline) drive more  customers  to the point of sale, and how many  loyal customer are being impacted by digital advertising.
    • 2. Benchmarking of actions between stores, and profitable and unprofitable actions by customer segments, areas...


ico footfall

We analyse customer behaviour instore and outside the store

Competitor data

  • 3. Loyal customers who visit and compare other stores or areas, or App users detected by geolocation in other commercial areas. They can be impacted with real-time messages, or simply detected to have additional behavioural data.

Showroom data

    • 4. Flow of customers between areas and opportunity to make profitable corners and aisles (for sale and advertising).
    • 5. Optimizing store staff. The system can send messages to the staff's mobile phone depending on customer footfall or customer segmentation. 

Smart Screens: We measure the impact of screen content, seeing how many people are guided by this content. We can also synchronize them based on the customer profile that is exposed to the displays

Smart Corners: For brands managing many online users and want to impact their audience outside and inside the store