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What we do

Seeketing was borns in 2011, it was the first solution connecting digital and physical behavior person by person.

Seeketing technology allows you to know if the same person that was browsing your web site yesterday is standing in proximity of your store today. Our technology in that time and place sends them a message (*), this is one of the many cases of the Seeketing solution.

We manufacture a new open technology that consist of: plug&play hardware (Seeketing nodes, to be used in the physical world) and software (SDKs for web sites and apps), because this solution can not be achieved with beacons/bluetooth, wifi router/access points, apps with geolocalization or cameras.  



Our wireless devices

Seeketing develops plug & play devices for the detection and identification of unique visitors, all totally anonymous and invisible for the visitor. The use of these several types of signals (cellularWiFI, and Bluetooth) allows us to provide a variety of coverage ranges and unprecedented ways of communication, as well as total flexibility to adapt to technological changes, to client needs, or to the physical environment.

The Seeketing nodes are easily installed in both indoor and outdoor locations, and their coverage range is adjustable (up to 15,000 m2). They are equipped with an automated communication system to send messages to phones (*) that have an App installed or without APP that have previously registered.

 * Personal communication requires the express permission of the receiver according to legislation in each country.



Different node configurations depending on needs and objectives


Seeketing nodes

    • Nodes detect signals from mobile devices in the bands 125Kz, 13Mhz, 840-960 MHz, 2.4Ghz, 3.6 and 5 GHz.
    • Detect visitors in a 15.000 sq m range.
    • Unique and anonymous offline identification, synchronized with online identification.
    • Override the problems of random MACs that have Wifi tracking and rtls systems
    • Allow to send messages by proximity both with or without App installed 

Wireless sensor counters

Presence sensors that connect to a Seeketing node to obtain a data count like that of other systems based on cameras or laser sensors (footfall type). This improves the integration with other data sources and lowers the counting system cost by half.

Battery operated or powered to 110 / 240v 

iBeacon fed 110 / 240V

High quality (maximum duration and coverage) iBeacon Bluetooth, which cannot be hacked by third parties and requires no on-site maintenance. This allows remote configuration.


Our Competitors

Currently there is no other solution in the world that unifies user by user behavior (unique ID) in the physical and digital worlds, which in turn can send to each user a push notification to their APP or email, SMS/Wasap, and update content in screens located at the point of sale according to the visitors proximity and online/offline profile.

The solutions offered by other suppliers are based on the same hardware technologies:

  • cameras, massive identification by face recognition of each crossing by person it is impossible, sending messages to them couldn´t be done.
  • WIFI access point, massive identificacion of not connected to wifi users is impossible due to random MACs, web tracking of these people are not allowed.
  • iBeacon/bluetooth, limited to 0,5% of total visitors, due to the simultaneous requisites that are necessary to the final users.
  • Apps, do not allow indoor geolocalization, and are not massively installed in general.

Although these solutions don’t have a direct relation with the data of each of these systems, they are represented and portrayed together in one dashboard, as if the solution was integrated (omni-channel). But in reality these systems don’t operate together and the users are identified separately by each system. This means a message can’t be sent to the users via APP when they have only been detected by WIFI (Offline), nor can they know their online behavior. In addition, each solution is independent and therefore does not connect the visitors online and offline behavior, which is what allows us to obtain information about their tastes and interests.

Our solution of sensors with optical technology is the only one that is not integrated with Seeketing’s unique visitor ID, but it allows our clients to obtain an accurate count by combining the data with the mobile interaction, without having to have a complex installation and at a lower cost than other solutions.





In collaboration with our partners, Seeketing develops Marketing Intelligence solutions for: Shopping Centers & Malls, Retailers, Airports and railway stations, Hotels and hospitals, Leisure parks, attractions, museums, congress/events and other public spaces.

Our Seeketing Nodes are a step beyond other competitive technologies (such ibeacons or wifi routers). This new proximity marketing device are used to detect mobile devices and shoppers’ behavior at physical locations. The solution works with APP or without APP both to detect device and interact with them.

Seeketing integrates the consumer’s offline behavior with the use of mobile devices through Apps and mobile web (online behaviour) using a anonymous unique ID. It offers a new cross-media solution (offline + Web + App) which enables interaction through in-store push notifications, SMS/WhatsApp, and emails also, measuring the campaign's effectiveness and conversion at the point of sale (offline).

We provide insights and tools for:
- Improving the online-offline conversion rates of purchase 
- Customizing communication and shopping experience
- Increasing visits and average purchase ticket
- Knowing the buying path and customers’ behavior both instore and online


Our team is composed of researchers and experts in marketing and advertising effectiveness, technology, development, and mobility. Our technological developments are proprietary and created with cofunding from the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, within 100105-2014-185- 2013-2016 National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Tecnological Innovation.






Seeketing is a R&D company dedicated to provide phygital tools and services (smart-cities, retail, mobility, security, events, ...). We provide innovative technologies to know visitor flows within locations and point of interest, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and Hardware Nodes.



Edificio Giraldo I

C/ Alberca 5, Planta 1, Oficina 24
Boadilla del Monte - Madrid
28660 SPAIN 
contact (@) seeketing.com 

+34 916 321 323

+34 676 482 952

+34 670 463 223



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