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Origin - Destination data at physical and digital points of interest, in mass (90% people anonymously detected) with high accuracy (indoor-outdoor 2-15.000 sqm)

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True Phygital: Digital & Physical unified user unique ID

We integrate the shopper’s online -web, App- and offline –store- behavior into a single profile, and use it to reach them with relevant messages at the right moment in the right place, by proximity.

Send proximity messages and push notifications in real time

Automate sms/whatsapp and email messages for users without an App, and push notifications for users with an App installed, and send them when they enter your point of sale. Turn your stores and physical spaces into smart locations.

Physical & Digital intelligence

We assign the same ID for each visitor, both when they visit your physical location/venue/store or when they access your Webs, Apps, or e-commerce site. A true omnichannel solution, capable of optimizing marketing campaigns both online and offline.




Innovative proprietary technology

Our wireless devices

Seeketing develops plug & play devices which override the problems of Wifi tracking and ibeacons bluetooth technologies which provide a variety of coverage ranges and unprecedented ways of communication. This creates total flexibility to adapt to technological changes, to client needs, or to the physical environment. Seeketing nodes can combine cellular, wifi and bluetooth bands for detection and identification of unique visitors, all while totally anonymous and invisible to the visitor. 


Key features and benefits through the organization 


Gain a unified view of store performance that integrates staffing, sales, store layout, and foot traffic. Seeketing is a cross-departmental platform serving the entire organization

Build customer profiles

Identify the buyer in your facilities: Collect data based on behavioral patterns and identify their degree of fidelity. Combine it with information on their tastes and interests and how or when that same client, when visiting the physical point of sale, uses your APP, mobile web and responds to proximity messages.

Engage customers at point of sale

Send sms/wasap, push and emails with promotions, personalized info and offers to customers at the right location by proximity and measure the efficiency of in-store mobile campaigns.

Integration of online and offline actions

Understand the combined customer behavior (physical store, web and mobile), measure campaign conversion of customers entering your location after receiving messages. Identify new profiles based on app monitoring, web activity, and in-store patterns.

We provide Business and Marketing intelligence

Advanced algorithms to discover valuable information, open technology to integrate with other data sources



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Seeketing is a R&D company dedicated to provide phygital tools and services (smart-cities, retail, mobility, security, events, ...). We provide innovative technologies to know visitor flows within locations and point of interest, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and Hardware Nodes.



Edificio Giraldo I

C/ Alberca 5, Planta 1, Oficina 24
Boadilla del Monte - Madrid
28660 SPAIN 
contact (@) seeketing.com 

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