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Shopping Centers


Seeketing metrics provide an in-depth view of the performance of each shopping center. In addition to metrics such as unique visitors, recurrence of visits, or dwell time, the solution helps you to understand which factors influence the differences in performance among centers, improving investment decisions and marketing assets.



Marketing the properties in an attractive and informed way based on the sales opportunities that each zone generates, segmented by visitors who pass through those areas and exposure times for each store. With this data, you will be able to negotiate and attract top brands to your center.

Asset optimization. Optimize rental returns, by ensuring that the right brands are in the right place.


    • Minimize failure rates by identifying and diagnosing under-performing tenants. Seeketing can pinpoint those areas where a tenant is under-performing and prove whether a modification to the center or tenant is required.
    • Identify whether you are gaining the optimal rental value for each unit in the center. By comparing occupancy costs to performance, you can identify tenants who should be paying higher rent.



ico footfall


Seeketing integrates offline-online metrics on the visitors’ behavior and provides precise metrics to monitor the performance of events, layouts, and offline-online communication campaigns


Adding to the number of inputs and outputs through entrances and doors, we can learn more about the visitors’ real behavior:


    • Volume of unique visitors: the unique visitor, anonymous but individualized, tells us how many potential customers the stores really have.
    • Sales opportunities: the number of visits per zone are opportunities that each store has to attract customers.
    • New and returning visitors: comparing new and returning visitors analyzes the degree of loyalty that our mall enjoys, and by examining their evolution over time, we can monitor whether we manage to attract new visitors and retain them.
    • Flows between zones: we measure visitors’ flows between zones and identify the most repeated paths. This helps us to identify those areas with more attraction, helping us to assess the optimal store mix.
    • Profiles segmentation: Seeketing enhances the customer experience and drives loyalty through better understanding of customer segments and behavior. By correlating visit behavior, in-store engagement, repeat visits, and cross-shopping to purchases, Seeketing enables informed categorization of customer segments. This will help us to carry out better and personalized communication strategies, optimizing budgets.


ico loyalty

Marketing activities at the shopping center are costly and their results are difficult to measure. How to be sure that campaign or events budgets really help to build loyalty and increase visits?


    • Events and their impact on visitor retention: we can measure the number of participants at an event and that event’s impact on visitor loyalty. In addition, we track the performance of each event by profile over the year, to help you decide which events work, which need changes, and which should be discontinued.
    • Display and corner effectiveness: we can measure the impact of ‘corners’ or digital content displays and their effectiveness in redirecting traffic from certain areas to others (content effectiveness). With our technology, we can also synchronize the display content or store music based on public behavior.

With Seeketing, you can define a location layout that has an impact on shopper traffic. These insights will enable you to apply a test-and-measure approach, to validate storefront designs prior to company-wide rollouts.




The low ratios of digital solutions are due to lack of data on the customer’s behaviour patterns. The communication becomes spam, without relevance to the user.

Seeketing features tools for shopping center revitalization based on the online-offline identification and segmentation of visitors. Through marketing personalization, managers will obtain higher conversion and retention rates, optimizing their budgets.


Traditional conversion rates vs. Seeketing rates

ratios conversion



We send SMS/wasap, email, or push notifications based on the visitor’s profile to increase visits and sales. This helps shops to encourage sales and obtain conversions, since users receive offers when entering the mall, just a few meters from the shops, thus justifying and optimizing marketing budgets in detail, every day.

 ico laptopgrafica  

We create a database and an automated and optimized customer loyalty program, fully integrated with the CRM, if desired.


 ico cycleOnOff   We allow the tracking of visitors across both online and offline channels to better understand the full visit and purchase conversion funnel.



Seeketing technology

Devices combining Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular signals. Work with and without Apps

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Seeketing is a R&D company dedicated to provide phygital tools and services (smart-cities, retail, mobility, security, events, ...). We provide innovative technologies to know visitor flows within locations and point of interest, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and Hardware Nodes.



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