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Beacons at the Mobile World Congress 2015

Written by Seeketing.

At the kick of Mobile World Congress (MGC), we would like to take this as an opportunity to deal with something that is a current issue in the technology world: Beacon or iBeacon devices.


The mobile industry is going to meet the next days in Barcelona, where the most important brands will show their products and their innovative devices, and that's why is an opportunity to deepen in the knowledge of this kind of devices.

Beacons or iBeacons are small devices, which emit short range signal. The main function is locating and positioning an object or a person quickly and accurately.


In spite of being a technology with a great potential, four limitations must be keep in mind before including iBeacon or Beacon technology in our business:

1. To detect visitors, it requires users to pre-install an App on their smartphones.

2. iBeacons just operate in iPhone 4S ahead with iOS7-8 installed, and consequently, It covers les than 15% of the market.

3. Not only installed applications are require, but also you must have the Bluethooth on, but in practice, almost no one keeps it switched on continuously.

4. Its range is just 25 meters and it’s not configurable.


To the contrary, Seeketing Nodes:

1. Seeketing Nodes detect all devices equipped with Bluetooth or Wifi (100% of the Market) or even Cellular Network (2G/3G/4G).

2. The scope can be set to 300 meters; in any case it's configurable.

3. You don´t need to install any APP previously.




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