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Phygital Tourism & proximity commerce



Connecting physical and digital spaces in municipalities and regions, with the following unique ingredients:

We analyze the behavior of millions of tourists, hikers and citizens, the plug & play equipment is located in the commercial areas "totems, lampposts, shops, buildings, shops, train and bus stops, events, etc ..."

We promote shopping tourism using technologies similar to Amazon but in the physical world (big data, remarketing, personalization, ...)

Analysis of origin and destination, flow, journeys. We will be able to measure the traffic flows between different points of the city and validate that the actions implemented by the municipality manage to redirect traffic to the planned areas. Likewise, these metrics will help the planning of public investments (transportation, municipal endowments, etc.).







Seeketing provides personalized proximity communication to tourists and local citizens, thus enhancing the sales and notoriety of commercial and tourist areas, avoiding the perception of SPAM and annoyance of CRMs and and other digital systems.

Businesses and municipalities can:

  • Send SMS / WhatsApp / push by behavior profiles 
  • Measure the people who received the digital communication and visited the recommended tourist areas or businesses
  • Identify how many people ended up buying
  • Send booster notifications when they are near shops or commercial areas or points of tourist interest
  • Generate traffic and increase sales to local businesses, leisure, restaurants, museums, events, etc. Through proximity marketing







Prize III Technological Ideas Competition
, with the project Smart loyalty program for any COLLECTIVE COMMERCIAL AREA or CITY, award given by Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Regions and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism


CIO RETAIL Outlook. Seeketing has been chosen by the international magazine CIO Retail Outlook among the 10 best technologies for Retail of 2020.


Municipality benefits

Tourism and trade support

Visitors flow analytics between the main commercial and touristic zones.
Proximity sending of promotion and commercial information depending on visitors profile in order to impulse local commerce.


Behavior & interaction of citizens

There will be data from citizens and visitors behavior within the municipality in a anonymous way, covering more than 70% of the total population and visitors, generating metrics that will serve for future decisions regarding the city development, tourist services, municipalities actions results etc.


New communication channel

Tourist & Citizens will have a new communication channel where they will receive information from the government, companies, commerce, as a group or even personalized according to the behavior patterns, at the time and place where they are.


City events support

Visitors orientation about city events, support for control and behavioral data for event organizers and operators. Sending timely information to staff and assistants


Optimization of the trash system and recycling points

Through the use of sensors and nodes we provide a map of collection points to promote the use of recycling points. Users could be registered, encouraging recycling through mobile campaigns by zones.




Seeketing technology

Devices combining Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular signals. Work with and without Apps

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Seeketing is a R&D company dedicated to provide phygital tools and services (smart-cities, retail, mobility, security, events, ...). We provide innovative technologies to know visitor flows within locations and point of interest, both indoor and outdoor, in public and private spaces using our SDK and Hardware Nodes.



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